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I wanted to mention members can share other Sims related photos, and stories on the site, even if they aren't related to SV2020.

We basically made that a rule because the town will change depending on the way players play (thinking about generational players). Get into a few generations and SV2020 won't look like it's original self anymore. That's fine. We still want players to be able to share their photos and stories if they so choose.

If you're favorite town is say Moonlight Falls, or Riverview, by all means share photos from those towns!! As long as it's Sims 3 related it's all good. It's more about the site being used to share the love of Sims 3.

Jaga created this site to be enjoyed by all who love Sims 3 as much as we do. To share photos and stories with each other.

Members are also allowed to share CC and Mod finds as well. As long as it's all family friendly, please no adult related cc or mods.

If you would like to share an image from Imgur or from another image sharing site you can do this by going to our Member Activity page, click in the message box and click the image link button, to then add your link. As shown in this photo.

If you have stories hosted on a different website, say your own blog, you can share links the same way.

Thank you to all that have shared photos and fun things from Sims 3 with us!! 🥰


The watch the show interaction cancels itself out, due to it needing 3 or 4 audience markers. This can be fixed by placing them via buydebug. You are looking for objects called Show Floor Benches or Tables. After it's fixed, save a copy of the lot to the library.

🟪 From Edit Town click on the lot - Build/Buy mode.

🟪 Press Shift-Ctrl-C all together, and type in Testingcheatsenabled on.

🟪 Press Shift-Ctrl-C again and type in buydebug on.

🟪 Buy mode ➺ Sort by Function ➺ Buydebug ➺ Misc Objects - Filter content by Showtime.

🟪 Look for objects Show Floor for Benches or Tables.

- Click on image to see larger view

⚜ Thank you to the member and player who brought this to my attention!!

Thank you to those who have posted or asked questions. I have added some new information to our FAQ page.

Hi Everyone,

We've added the rest of the community lot and house photos to the Official Gallery.

We'd also like to say Thank you to all that have given positive feedback!! We really enjoy hearing how players are enjoying the game and about the things they add to the game to make it their own.

If you'd like to share photos, you can upload them to the site. (Here's how-to upload and share screenshots) They will show up on the Member Gallery page.

Fun Fact ~ When viewing the images on the Member Galleries page, mouse over some of the photos and the little "i" (for more information) to see a caption or description of the photos.

You can share thoughts and comments on SV2020 on our Member Activity page If you're a story writer feel free to share links to your stories. We'd love to read about your Sims adventures!!

If you'd like to share your stories on our site, see this article - Blog Basics on how to create a blog post.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can either post questions on the Member Activity page, or via the Contact Us page We'll try to help best we can.

We've added three new articles for helping people keep their game optimized and running smoothly.  They are located in the Helpful Topics section, under the Performance Tips category.

Welcome to's opening launch!  We have our crack team of hamsters working diligently at filling in more pages on the site, so please bear with them while they work their magic.

We hope you enjoy your stay - you are welcome to create a free account and start taking part in our community.



We've been extremely pleased with the community's feedback on SV 2020, which has been overwhelmingly positive. And knowing we had some things that we wanted to continue development on, we decided to keep going with it on a 2.0 version. We've added improvements to existing properties, all-new properties, new lot locations in the world, new sims, fixes to lots that were in the originals, and more.

MrsFlynn noticed some bugged & invisible Junkyard spawners on one of the apartment lots today (at 2450 Pinochle Point). The lot was originally created as a Junkyard in Sunset Valley, and re-zoned for residential. Spawners sometimes bug out when you attempt to bulldoze a lot - these are bugged and don't show visibly when editing the lot.

We're working on 2.0 which has some town improvements (lights, new properties), the 1.1 version of the Royal Paradise Hotel, and some fixes for bugs we've found.