Hi Everyone,

We've added more of the community lot and house photos to the Official Gallery

We'd also like to say Thank you to all that have given positive feedback!! We really enjoy hearing how players are enjoying the game and about the things they add to the game to make it their own.

If you'd like to share photos, you can upload them to the site. (Here's how-to upload and share screenshots) They will show up on the Member Gallery page.

Fun Fact ~ When viewing the images on the Member Galleries page, mouse over some of the photos and the little "i" (for more information) to see a caption or description of the photos.

You can share thoughts and comments on SV2020 on our Member Activity page If you're a story writer feel free to share links to your stories. We'd love to read about your Sims adventures!!

If you'd like to share your stories on our site, see this article - How to Create a Blog on how to create a blog post.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can either post questions on the Member Activity page, or via the Contact Us page We'll try to help best we can.