I wanted to mention members can share other Sims related photos, and stories on the site, even if they aren't related to SV2020.

We basically made that a rule because the town will change depending on the way players play (thinking about generational players). Get into a few generations and SV2020 won't look like it's original self anymore. That's fine. We still want players to be able to share their photos and stories if they so choose.

If you're favorite town is say Moonlight Falls, or Riverview, by all means share photos from those towns!! As long as it's Sims 3 related it's all good. It's more about the site being used to share the love of Sims 3.

Jaga created this site to be enjoyed by all who love Sims 3 as much as we do. To share photos and stories with each other.

Members are also allowed to share CC and Mod finds as well. As long as it's all family friendly, please no adult related cc or mods.

If you would like to share an image from Imgur or from another image sharing site you can do this by going to our Member Activity page, click in the message box and click the image link button, to then add your link. As shown in this photo.

If you have stories hosted on a different website, say your own blog, you can share links the same way.

Thank you to all that have shared photos and fun things from Sims 3 with us!! 🥰