It was mentioned that a few lots have a double map icon/name tag when looking at the map in Map View. This is how the game normally works when the object or building is on a lot of it's own. For example the Vault/Hall of Antiquity lot, and single subway lots. There is no issue with how the game works or behaves, it is just how it was designed.

You can test this by going into any town and place an empty lot. Change lot type to Community > No Visitors Allowed and place the subway station object or Vault of Antiquity building and then look at it via Map View. You'll see two icons 1 subway and 1 bench. Both with the same name.

Single subway lots can be renamed via Edit Town mode if you choose to do so. Left-click on the bench icon and Edit Details button, which is the pen/paper icon. After you've renamed the subway, you can mouse over either the subway icon or bench icon to see it's new name.