MrsFlynn noticed some bugged & invisible Junkyard spawners on one of the apartment lots today (at 2450 Pinochle Point). The lot was originally created as a Junkyard in Sunset Valley, and re-zoned for residential. Spawners sometimes bug out when you attempt to bulldoze a lot - these are bugged and don't show visibly when editing the lot.

Note:  with the release of SV2020 v2.0, this fix is no longer required - it is already integrated into the latest version of both worlds.

Good job on the keen eye MrsFlynn!

The spawners generate and place random items (like furniture) on the ground on that lot as time passes, which isn't desirable. To fix the spawners, install & use NRaas Master Controller to get an object list and delete them. After MC is installed and your game is loaded and running, move your camera over to the lot at 2450 Pinochle Point and do the following:

  • Click on a patch of open ground, choose NRaas, then choose Master Controller (with the yellow circle next to it)
  • Click on Object Stats, then click on Not Inventory, then click the large checkmark
  • Scroll down in the list until you see five objects without icons, named "Objects.Spawners.JunkyardSpawnerX (where X is 1 through 5)
  • Click each one to turn them all yellow (selected), then click the large check mark
  • A new menu opens with all five listed, simply click (All) in the list, then the large check mark again
  • MC will confirm you want to delete (All), click the large check mark to permanently delete the spawners

IF the spawners left furniture objects on the ground floor (the bottom floor outside the building), you can either delete or pick those items up with a sim to get rid of them.

Make sure to save your game after the deletion, or it will appear when you reload it later on.

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