We're very happy after months of continued development to bring you a new and improved version of Sunset Valley 2020 - Version 2.0!



We've added improvements to existing properties, all-new properties, new lot locations in the world, new sims, fixes to lots that were in the originals, and more!  You can read all about the new worlds right here.

To get started, be sure to read the Installation instructions, then go grab a copy of the .World file (required for either version of SV2020) and either Vanilla or Chocolate to play.

Don't forget we have a full range of Maps for version 2.0 which include new map markers for the new locations.  Both viewable and printable maps have been created for your convenience.

And last but not least, there are a number of mods we recommend using to get the best experience from Sunset Valley 2020.

We hope you enjoy playing the worlds as much as we did creating them!  You can also register on our site and take part uploading screenshots, your sims info, creating blogs, and more - it's completely free.


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