The SV2020 Team

Jaga Telesin

A long-time fan of TS3, Jaga has been playing since the very early days. He was also the original creator of the S.L.A.M. mod, which was eventually integrated into the base game with Generations. He currently manages the development of SV2020, the worlds, and their home on the web.


MrsFlynn has been playing The Sims avidly since the original came out. She's also involved on Carl & Pam's TS3 website as an administrator. Her contributions include Lot design, sim creation, world decoration, testing/feedback, galleries & screenshots, and countless ideas for improvement and expansion.


Flynn is a long time gamer and a long-time Sims fan. He dabbles in a lot of hobbies, including music, writing, programming and website design. One of his favorite things to do is to recreate houses from earlier Sims games & console versions. He is currently working on his video game collection and playing The Sims 3 and a ton of Minecraft with MrsFlynn. His favorite genres are role-playing, turn-based strategy games and first person exploration-based games.

This is what we do

Sunset Valley 2020

Property Design


Web Development

Contributor Credits


For providing inspiration & lots from the original Sunset Valley 7.0 (a base for SV 2020)


For her world routing fixed version of Sunset Valley


For the Dance Club and the original Terra Cot lot (modified & expanded by Jaga Telesin)


For the Dive and Sports bars


For the original Royal Paradiso Hotel (heavily modified by Jaga Telesin)


For The Loess property, modified by Jaga Telesin


For the Sunnyside Strand beach property


For the Recurve Strand Beach Bar


For the improved Mirabello Plaza


For the Renewed Central Park, modified by Naga and Jaga Telesin



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