It's been a long three months, but v2.0 of the worlds and the opening release of the website are just around the corner.

Originally we weren't even considering a website for Sunset Valley 2020, since download links and an install guide / FAQ on a forum topic were enough to get people rolling, right?

MrsFlynn however jumped at the website idea when I posed it one night, saying she was hoping we might get to do something like that in the future.  So it made it's way onto the "to-do list" and had a domain name and framework up the next day.  It was going to be a fancier version of our original release post over on Carl & Pam's TS3 forums, with download links and some screenshots.

But somehow that didn't seem like it was enough - it was lacking, despite filling the need we both had.  And knowing Sims players are a social bunch, I started doing some research into community social packages that might integrate and empower people who wanted to sign up on the site.  Things like blogging, screenshot uploads, discussions via comments, friend lists, private messaging, and so on were all on the "that'd be nice to have" list.

And amazingly, they all made their way in.  It extended the development period by a couple of weeks, but ultimately it worked out extremely well and we have a very robust site to support an active community of people sharing their Sims content however they want.

I encourage anyone reading this who might have ideas for improvement to contact us with their suggestions - whether or not we can implement it, we'd still like to hear your ideas.

Happy Simming - we really hope everyone enjoys the newest version of Sunset Valley 2020.

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