This article goes over how to save a lot to the Library and Share or Export them.


1. At the Edit Town Menu ...

Go to the Edit Town Menu, select what house or community lot you want to save.



Select a house.



Or select a community lot.



2. Saving the Files ...

  • Left-click on it and select either the folder button (Save to Library) or the arrow with a star above it button (Share/Export).

  • Either of these files or entire folders can be backed up to a usb key or other backup media of choice.

-- The Folder: Saves the file to Library only. - A file that contains the family can be found in the Sims 3 library folder. [\Documents\Electronic Arts \The Sims 3\Library] Click the modified by to see the most current file.



-- The Arrow with a Star above it: (Share button) Saves the file as a .Sims3pack file which can be found in the Export folder. This will also save a copy to the library. [\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Exports]



Once you click the Folder button or Share button, a pop-up menu will appear and say Current interactions for all Sims in your town will be cancelled if you do this. Would you like to continue? Click X, for no or the Check mark for yes.



3. Share Button Details ...

  • If you selected the Share button, it will pop up the Details box. Give it a name and description. Click the check mark when finished. - (House first, community lot second.)

Share House (add description by clicking inside the Item Name box and Description box.)



Share Community Lot (add description by clicking inside the Item Name box and Description box.)



Confirm Share.

  • After that a pop up message lets you know the export was successful and to open launcher to upload and share to the site. Again, if you use the Share button, you can find the file in the .Sims3Pack format in [\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Exports] No need to upload to the Exchange to share your Sims family.


Finding the Files ...

Find the .Sims3Pack file in the Exports Folder.



-- Newly saved house, check the Library > Show Empty Houses Tab (2nd tab Outlined House)



-- Newly saved Community Lot, check the Library > Show Community Lots Tab (3rd tab Bench)




Your house lot should show up in the Empty house tab, which is the 2nd tab (House Outline) in the library. If you've saved or shared a community lot it should be in the Community Lot tab, which is the 3rd tab (Bench)

While in the library you might see some files with a star, folder, or different expansions or stuff pack icons on them and wonder what they are.

Files with a star-like symbol on it are downloaded items.

Files with a folder-like symbol on them are in-game households, houses and community lots you've saved from in-game.


Want to Play with the House or Community Lot Again?:

Regardless if you clicked the Folder button or the Share button. The files can be found in the library under the Empty House or Community Lots tabs.

Place your house file anywhere you want to, that it will fit. It can be placed on larger lots, but not smaller lots.

Community lots can be placed anywhere you'd like, they can also be placed on larger lots, but not smaller lots. However, you may need to change the lot type to get it to work.


To Change lot type:

Click the lot you want your community lot to go on, in the popup menu, click the icon that looks like a park bench/house and select community lot and what type of community lot you want or need it to be. Example, Visitors Allowed, Consignment Shop or Salon, etc.


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Dek Thank you very much for this Mrs Flynn. I love the fact that you break up the harvestables by their plant type as well as by expansion pack. Oh, and alphabetically as well! Thank you so very much!
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MrsFlynn You're welcome!! I did that so I could keep 'em straight. *Snicker*
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