This little how-to goes over the basics of creating a blog post on our site.

Getting Started

You'll want to select No on Published to start. That way you can work on the post in private so to speak. Then switch it to Published when you're ready for it to go public. Pick a category to put your blog post in and and an access level. Public is recommended for most blog posts. And type in a title.

1st Blog Editor - {Intro}

Type or copy/paste an intro into the first blog editor box. Use the default font and size for best results.

-- If you want to copy/paste any text into the blog editor box, use the Paste as plain text button (Tt) in the blog toolbar. - Outlined in Green, as shown in the photo below:

Beneath the Blog Intro box, click the Read More button to add a line to the Blog Body box (2nd blog editor). After you save the post, it will add a Read More button just after the text in the Blog Intro. Clicking that button will take you to the full blog post.


2nd Blog Editor - {Full}

In the second blog editor box, you can type or copy/paste the body of your blog post. You can also insert images by using the Add Images button outlined in Purple in the blog toolbar.

You will need to have your photos edited to 600 wide and uploaded to either our site, or an image hosting site such as

Copy/paste the image link from your photo into the URL line.

Once you've done that you can click outside the URL line to see a sample of the photo. Click the Ok button when finished. It will add the image to the blog post.

Type in or copy/paste more text and add more images as desired. When finished, click the Blue Create Blog button.

If you need to edit your blog after creating it. Go back to the Blogs tab on your profile page and click on the 3 dots to the right of the blog post your wanting to edit.

If you haven't published it (made it public) yet, you can do that now, and then click the Blue Update Blog button when finished.



I'd like to thank a friend for suggesting I try putting together a hopefully simple ? blog basics how-to. I tried to make it as easy as I could in hopes it will help them and others who are trying to learn some basics of blogging. We do have a post that goes into more detail about creating a blog, you can read about that here.


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Dek Thank you very much for this Mrs Flynn. I love the fact that you break up the harvestables by their plant type as well as by expansion pack. Oh, and alphabetically as well! Thank you so very much!
 -  2
MrsFlynn You're welcome!! I did that so I could keep 'em straight. *Snicker*
Jaga Loving the presentation on the Harvestable Plants guide MrsFlynn! We might have to do more guides with that same layout!
 -  1
MrsFlynn Thank you!! Yes we definitely need to do more guides with this layout. :)