I was having a hard time with nectar making when I first tried it. That led me to take a lot of notes from what friends have shared and what I found online to what I've experienced in recent games.

I am hoping by sharing the tips and tricks and 20 amazing recipes in the spoilers below, future nectar makers will have an easier time mastering the nectar skill, it's career and challenges.

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➢ Tips From a Nectar Maker: 

🍇 Avoid traveling with your nectar making Sim after you've purchased the grapes from France. - It resets the counter to where you have to start the nectar making challenges over again.

🍇 Cherimola Blan, and Renoit grapes are the first to become harvestable on week 1, day 5. Or day 5 after they've been planted.

🍇 The rest of the French grapes (Avornalino, Cranerlet Nuala, Gralladina Fran, Meloire) become harvestable on week 2 day 2, or a week and two days after they've been planted.

🍇 1 bunch means 10 grapes for each batch.

🍇 Other Sims may squish the grapes, and this is okay as long as your nectar making Sim is the one that cranks the machine or makes the nectar.

🍇 When clicking on the machine the menu will only show 6 recipes. The recipes may change as your Sim learns better recipes. Look in Sim's Nectar Skill Journal for the 6 most valuable recipes.

🍇 Shift-right-click on the triangle in the upper left of the grape icon and drag and drop to personal inventory, and type in the number you want to put in Sims personal inventory.

🍇 You can drag and drop stacks of grapes into the machine by right-click on the triangle of a stack of grapes and it will allow you to drag and drop 10 grapes into each of your machines.

🍇 There are 3 upgrade options, and you can only do one at a time.

🍇 At Handiness lv5, the Improved Pressing Upgrade Unlocks on the Nectar Machine. This is the 1st upgrade option.

🍇 At Handiness lv6, the unbreakable option becomes available.

🍇 At lv9 Handiness the With Flavor Enhancement Upgrade Unlocks on the nectar machine. This is the 3rd upgrade option.

🍇 While the nectar made with Improved Pressing isn't as valuable, it can give 4 bottles per batch and more money per batch. Which makes up the difference and makes improved pressing more worth it.

🍇 Using the Mass Produce option (6 bottles) and having the machine upgraded to Improved Pressing, can give 7 bottles per batch. - If already made over 200 bottles of nectar.

🍇 Click on machine, select Make Nectar > Mass Production (for example). This will have your nectar making Sim squish and make the nectar at the same time. Saving a lot of time!!

🍇 When upgraded to Flavor Enhancement, it makes 1 less bottle (3 total bottles) per batch, or 4 bottles per batch if already made over 200 bottles of nectar.

🍇 You can sell the bottles of nectar via the consignment shop and get some extra profit from that. However, some may not sell, in which the bottles will be given back to you and placed in your Sims personal inventory. Which can be sold off from there if desired.

🍇 Nectar does not gain value sitting in chests.

🍇 Nectar gains better value in nectar racks in a basement. - The basement can be of any size.

🍇 To complete The Vizard of Vine challenge (# of French grapes used = 400 grapes), your nectar making Sim must plant and harvest any variety of French grapes on their home lot and turn those grapes into nectar. The challenge will complete when the last batch has finished. Your other Sim(s) may help water and weed without it taking away from the challenge.


➢ 20 Amazing Recipes Tried:  

🍷 LifePom:
9 Life, 1 Pom

🍷 LifeFlame:
2 Life, 6 Flame, 1 Cran, 1 Avorn

🍷 Cheri-Mel:
4 Cherries, 6 Mel

🍷 Gra-Apple:
5 Apples and 5 Gral

🍷 Apple-Ren:
5 Apple, 5 Ren

🍷 Plasma-Pom:
9 Plasma, 1 Pom

🍷 LiFlasma:
6 Life, 3 Flame, 1 Plasma

🍷 Cran-GralRen:
3 Cran, 3 Cral, 2 Ren, 2 Mel

🍷 RenAvaCheri:
4 Ren, 3 Avorn, 3 Cheri

🍷 AvaGralRen:
7 Avorn, 1 Ren, 2 Gral

🍷 RenAvaCran:
6 Ren, 2 Avorn, 2 Cran

🍷 GralCranMel:
7 Gral, 2 Mel, 1 Cran

🍷 MelCran:
5 Mel, 4 Cran, 1 Avorn

🍷 MelAvaCran:
5 Mel, 3 Avorn, 2 Cran

🍷 GralMel:
5 Gral, 4 Mel, 1 Cheri

🍷 GralCher:
7 Gral, 2 Cheri, 1 Mel

🍷 CheriCranGral:
5 Cheri, 3 Cran, 2 Gral

🍷 CranGrape:
5 Grapes, 4 Cran, 1 Gral

🍷 Grape-Ren:
8 Ren, 2 Grapes

🍷 Grape-Li:
8 Grapes, 1 Lifefruit, 1 Lime



The reason why there's no defined price for each recipe is because there are various factors that go into said price. Nectar skill, plant quality, etc.


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Dek Thank you very much for this Mrs Flynn. I love the fact that you break up the harvestables by their plant type as well as by expansion pack. Oh, and alphabetically as well! Thank you so very much!
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MrsFlynn You're welcome!! I did that so I could keep 'em straight. *Snicker*
Jaga Loving the presentation on the Harvestable Plants guide MrsFlynn! We might have to do more guides with that same layout!
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MrsFlynn Thank you!! Yes we definitely need to do more guides with this layout. :)