Here are some simple steps to help with backing up and restoring Sims 3 Store Content.


How To: Backup Store Content

  1. Rename and backup your current Sims 3 folder
  • An easy way to do this is go into your Documents\Electronic Arts folder and rename the existing Sims 3 folder to something like Sims3Current
  • After that move the folder to your desktop, usb key or external hard drive for safe keeping
  1. Create a new Sims 3 folder
  1. Go to the Sims 3 store site and download content, or use the in-game Downloads Dashboard
  1. Once everything is downloaded (this can take some time depending on the amount of stuff/Internet speed) close out of the launcher
  1. Backup your Sims 3 folder.
  • As this now has all your store content downloaded!! Look in: \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads to find a list of .Sims3Pack files
  • *Tip: Backup just the Downloads folder if you prefer
  • *Note:* The "Downloads" folder simply contains the Sims3Pack files *prior* to install. A good reason to back it up is so if it's needed again, you can pick and choose what store items you want to install **
  1. Install the Store Content
  • Open the launcher again, click the downloads tab in the launcher, click Select All and Install
  1. *Optional* After all the store content is installed, make another backup of the folder. As not only does it have all the store content downloaded, it's installed ready to play!!


  • We suggest to zip the folders up for safe keeping. It takes up less space on the backup drive

  • How to do that: Right-click on the Sims 3 folder, and select Send To: (name of

  • Once the file is zipped, you can rename it to say and copy it to your backup media of choice and use it any time you want a fresh Sims 3 folder or need to restore your store content. *Smile*

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How To: Restore Store Content

Tip: Rename your current folder, if you have one to say Sims3-bkup1

  1. To restore your new Sims 3 folder, with all store content installed, copy it to: \Documents\Electronic Arts folder.
  1. Unzip the Sims 3 folder. - To Unzip: Right-click on the file and select Extract here.

*** Now, all your store content is back in a fresh The Sims 3 folder, ready to play!! *** Wha-hoo!!!


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Dek Thank you very much for this Mrs Flynn. I love the fact that you break up the harvestables by their plant type as well as by expansion pack. Oh, and alphabetically as well! Thank you so very much!
 -  2
MrsFlynn You're welcome!! I did that so I could keep 'em straight. *Snicker*
Jaga Loving the presentation on the Harvestable Plants guide MrsFlynn! We might have to do more guides with that same layout!
 -  1
MrsFlynn Thank you!! Yes we definitely need to do more guides with this layout. :)