Heavily inspired by Naga’s SV 7.0, MrsFlynn and JagaTelesin are happy to bring you a new pair of worlds for The Sims 3! We’ve made sure to include all the wonderful features from that full world (which is no longer available) in both versions of Sunset Valley 2020.

TS3 LogoDesigned for all Expansions

Like SV 7.0, Sunset Valley 2020 was designed for use with all Expansion Packs installed. It has a broad amount of expansion content, and even some from various Stuff Packs.

World Routing Fixes

Both versions of Sunset Valley 2020 were constructed on the fixed Sunset Valley world that EllaCharmed did. That world was then fully cleaned, and all lots reconstructed by hand on top of it, which results in an extremely smooth running game. Animals and sims roaming around the world (outside of lots) won't get stuck anymore due to her terrain and lot adjustments.

Lot Routing Fixed

The largest Sims 3 performance issue in the past has been with sim routing – they get stuck easily. That problem is virtually gone with SV 2020: all lots on the world have been meticulously optimized for clean sim routing, to ensure that sims navigate smoothly and as few as possible get stuck. SV 2020 has been tested on a laptop which is many years old, and runs extremely well.

A Smooth and Rich Game Experience!

 Due to all the pathing fixes and optimized lots, you will find that many more sims “show up” to lots your sims visit, in addition to just generally being *everywhere* in the world. Sunset Valley 2020 is much more alive and populated, and is aimed at providing a fantastic Sims 3 experience.