"Amazing amazing world, words fail me to describe as to how awesome this world is, the lots builds etc, I love the sims 3 but this has given the game a whole new everything to the game things to do places to go sims to be seen."
~ MrsGoodWrench
"Are you kidding me?! The Sims 3 at Sims 2 performance with all expansions...! The world is alive, sims are actually doing stuff. Now this is what EA should have given us for investing so much in this game, but you gave it all for free. A thousand thanks and infinite gratitude! I am not experiencing any initial load lag or in-game lag and saving is so fast!

It feels like magic."
~ TheThirdWizard
"I created an account here just to tell you thank you for doing this! .. This is what I've been waiting for!"
~ Ohzuna
"I had a look at these two versions of Sunset Valley, and I really liked what I saw. It's nice to have a version of SV that doesn't stray too far from its original character. Well done!"
~ Turjan
"I just registered an account to say I love everyone involved in creating this. I got the urge to play The Sims 3 several weeks ago and I've been hooked since."
~ Fiatil.
"I too had to make an account just to give my biggest thanks to everyone who worked on this world! It single-handedly saved my Sims 3 playing experience."
~ Breessie.
"That's a very nice world you got here."
~ Nikodemonek.
"..to come upon this new version is like being swept out of Kansas into Oz."
~ JohnLiptow
"Thank you all for this so much! I've already moved in a family and been playing, I love it!"
~ ilostmyeffingaccount