Both Vanilla & Chocolate include:

  • Sunset Valley 2020 Chocolate Vanilla Versions for The Sims 3World routing fixes from EllaCharmed’s Sunset Valley map
  • Optimized lots for streamlined performance and minimal or no stuck sims
  • A large number of new sims from other worlds: Appaloosa Plains, Starlight Shores, Moonlight Falls, Bridgeport, and even some custom sims
  • Consignment Store, Salon, Laundromat, Junkyard, Fire Station, Arboretum & Hall of Antiquity
  • All club types from Late Night, allowing night-time socialization and hotspots
  • The ability to complete Mixology challenges for clubs & bars
  • A Generations upgraded park, and a large Festival Grounds park for Seasons
  • Subways scattered around town to help mobility-challenged sims
  • Equestrian Center & Horse Ranch
  • Pet parks for cats & dogs
  • Showtime lots for aspiring sims
  • Elixir Consignment store, Arboretum, Gypsy Wagon, and Hall of Antiquity
  • A new pair of lots for players wanting to play a "Squatters" challenge (aptly named Squatter's Summit)
  • A new Island Paradiso Resort (The Royal Paradise Hotel)
  • A new run-down resort called the Ticky-Tacky-Tiki, suitable for players to buy and upgrade early on.
  • Mooring posts to purchase boats from, down at the beach by the Ticky-Tacky-Tiki
  • All four Dive Spots from Island Paradiso can now be found in the bay
  • A new 60x60 custom home on the hill, suitable for luxury living or a large family
  • A new criminal hideout for those seeking a change of career
  • Most homes have cribs added for families with babies or new arrivals
  • All sims start as they would in a new game: base skills and no unnatural aging


In addition to the above, each world has distinct differences for a unique experience:

Sunset Valley 2020 Vanilla World for The Sims 3SV 2020 Vanilla:
  • More sims populating the world – a large number of new faces!



Sunset Valley 2020 Chocolate World for The Sims 3SV 2020 Chocolate:
  • A balanced selection of supernatural sims to spice up the world (25% population)
  • Similar to Vanilla, more (and different) sims have moved into town
  • Several upgraded lots, and a brand new beachfront property



CC and Store Content free!

  • No Custom Content (CC) or Store Content was used in either Vanilla or Chocolate!
  • No spawners were modified, with the exception of two Robot Fish spawners to support the moved Science Facility.



  • All Expansion Packs (EPs) were used in building the world, and are highly recommended for play.
  • EllaCharmed’s Fixed Sunset Valley .world file
  • Either the Vanilla or Chocolate version of Sunset Valley 2020