The "watch the show interaction" cancels itself out, due to it needing 3 or 4 audience markers (which weren't re-added during some lot changes/cleanup we did). This can be fixed by placing them via buydebug. You are looking for objects called Show Floor Benches or Tables. After it's fixed, save a copy of the lot to the library.

🟪 From Edit Town click on the lot - Build/Buy mode.

🟪 Press Shift-Ctrl-C all together, and type in Testingcheatsenabled on.

🟪 Press Shift-Ctrl-C again and type in buydebug on.

🟪 Buy mode ➺ Sort by Function ➺ Buydebug ➺ Misc Objects - Filter content by Showtime.

🟪 Look for objects Show Floor for Benches or Tables.

- Click on image to see larger view

⚜ Thank you to the member and player who brought this to our attention!! The fix will be implemented in the next minor release of the worlds.