Just returned from an unexpected bit of personal time away from the site and the worlds, but looking forward to getting back to the game! Apologies if I missed any requests for help in the interim, hopefully MrsFlynn was able to cover during that time.

There are a few site niggles (for lack of a better word) with being able to comment on personal walls out here which I intend to get fixed. If you notice anything else please let me know!

There is a also fix in the near future for the stage in Central Park that involves adding some audience markers, probably to be released as v2.1. In the meantime there's an article in the Dev Blog news section that covers how to get around it, it is a fairly simple edit.

Future plans for the v3.0 Vanilla / Chocolate worlds:

  • A new high-rise apartment building with a home adequate for a decent number of sims.  The plan is to keep the height of the building low enough that it "fits" within Sunset Valley, but include a good interior (and ground floor utility) layout so there's plenty of room.
  • Further overall optimizations.  Things like elevators (and high-rise apartments) have workarounds to make sure they are much less buggy
  • Additional town embellishments like lights, bushes, and possibly more subway stops.
  • Lot improvements for many of the homes in town that help "flesh out" those plain vanilla EA homes a bit.  Different/better furniture, interior layouts, wall/floor coverings that match better, and so on.
  • Direct support for some of the great careers in MissyHissy's Job Board!  Ensuring all necessary lots, props, and so on are included in the world.
  • Any suggestions for other changes or additions to the worlds is welcome - either PM me here, or on C&P's TS3 forum, or use our Contact Us form.

I'm also going to start my own playthrough with one of the two worlds so that I can integrate improvements as I go.  Prior to now, all time spent on the worlds was 100% development, optimization, and functional testing.  I'll be able to make adjustments based on real world game time, and further improve everything as I go.

If you are interested in being a world tester for Alpha/Beta builds of the new worlds, get in touch with the Contact Us form!